Just because I like observing what surrounds me, to share, to discover.
And now...
To take time for one, a page turns, I settle down in France towards new discoveries which I shall soon share you...


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Griffon korthals Forest des Etangs d'Assat

ibskou commented on Griffon korthals Forest des Etangs d'Assat 10 years ago

Who can not love these beautiful and loyal creatures ?
Lovely photos.


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Glass jewelry

ibskou commented on Glass jewelry 10 years ago

Hi Dyrane,
Thanks' for visiting my album.
Fantastic color effects you get from your Glass Jewelry. Impressive expressions.
I like it :-))
Stay well,

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Françoise David

Françoise David 10 years ago

Coucou Colette,

Merci de ta visite sur mon album! J'espère que tu publieras des images de tes œuvres, de la belle nature par chez toi... J'espère que ta santé est bonne, moi j'ai eu des soucis à la vue, ça va mieux! Oufff! Prend bien soin de toi! Amitié!


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gust 10 years ago

Hi Colette

Thanks for stopping by.
Glad you like my album "Cornwall, Devon and Dorset GB 2014."
Yes, it is a fantastic country.

Great photos on "Paysages." I like them.

Regards Gust

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