David Barsotti

David Barsotti

David Barsotti

I work in both still photography and video production. I began my interest in photography at the end of my senior year of high school. My brother taught me how to process black and white film and then how to work in a dark room to print black and white images. For years black and white film was just about the only film I would use if I was taking photos for "art's sake" unlike the photos I would take for an occasional client portrait or corporate event, whereby I would then use color film because that was almost always what the client wanted to see. Now, I rarely use film and almost never shoot the original photo in a black and white format.


(past cameras) Leica M2, Pentax, Olympus OM2, Nikon F3, Nikon N90s, (presently) Canon 5D

San Francisco, Ca
United States

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CLOSED USER 8 years ago

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elmer barrett

elmer barrett 11 years ago

well its good to know you are still alive, thanks for letting us know. anyway hope you are doing well.

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People, Portraits

Rol747 commented on People, Portraits 12 years ago

Vraiment splendide. Une réussite. Respect !

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david bryane kay

david bryane kay 13 years ago

heyman it looks good. my computer sent up a warrning about the site. how do U keep people from downloading ur stuff.? thanks db

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