Dirk Sigmund

Dirk Sigmund

Dirk Sigmund



  • Kris Joris
  • Fran├žoise David
  • Manu
  • Gertdegraaf
  • Tiida
  • Hans Fuchs
  • Victor
  • Erkki Raiski
  • gisro
  • Martin Leicht

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Dirk Sigmund

Dirk Sigmund uploaded Disiflections 11 months ago

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Dirk Sigmund
Italy 2016

Dirk Sigmund uploaded Italy 2016 one year ago

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Manu commented on Nature 3 years ago

A very nice album. Perfect the simplicity of the pictures.

Dirk Sigmund

Dirk Sigmund 3 years ago

Thank you. It's my intention to capture nature's simple beauty.

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