Basically I'm a space artist and writer, but I also love photography (In fact, back in the 80s I did all my own developing and printing, and became an ARPS -- Associate of the Royal Photographic Society!). But then the computer (Mac, of course) came along. . .
I also love travel, especially to solar eclipses; and to the workshops held in various 'alien' places by the IAAA – hence the set of photos from Arizona. But for fantastic landscapes, Cappadocia in Turkey takes the prize!
See my website: http://www.astroart.org (where you can buy prints or original art and other merchandise) and also my Facebook page. I also have many videos and art tutorials on YouTube – search for pythonspace.


I recently got a Pentax X5 Bridge Camera, which has a 26x optical zoom – pretty impressive! Take a look at the cat in my latest album, Cappadocia 2015.

Birmingham, UK
United Kingdom


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davehardy 3 years ago

I guess I haven't been very active lately, but I hope that my CAPPADOCIA and TURKEY FROM THE AIR (Ie. a hot air balloon) will make up for that!

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ICELAND March 2013

Rol747 commented on ICELAND March 2013 4 years ago

Peut-être le plus beau pays du monde et vos photos le confirment...

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