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Chris Twist

Chris Twist

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noura 13 years ago

hi there, i have read the thread of mrurbano as i have got same problem and same error desriptions on my mac os x when using mirage 5.7. have you got a solution for this problem? txs in advance.

Chris Twist

Chris Twist 13 years ago

I don't have access to a Mac, so I can't debug this. I don't have any further suggestions.

Have you checked the suggestion in the final post in the thread that you mentioned? Are you using Java 1.6.0_15?

Also check the thread "Mac OS X compatibility". Nobody has sent me a debug log; if you can do this, I may be able to help.

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kaydencreations 14 years ago

QUESTION? can i put watermarks on photos with this skin? by the way, thank you it is really great!

Chris Twist

Chris Twist 14 years ago

Scroll to the bottom of this page. Click on "Developer center". Click on "Image filters". This describes how to use the watermark filter. This works with Mirage, and should work with most skins.

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mrurbano 14 years ago

I hope you will go on developing this skin as I have found it one of the best in displaying photos ( like an exhibition)

Chris Twist

Chris Twist 14 years ago

I will continue to develop Mirage. There will be an upgraded version as soon as Jalbum 8.1 is published.

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