Charlene Kenna

Charlene Kenna

Charlene Kenna

I love photography, which I mostly get to enjoy during photo tours to many places like Cuba, Mexico, Ireland, Death Valley (California) and Venice...with my partner and photographer Richard Martin


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bruno Gueroult

bruno Gueroult commented on Cuba 10 years ago

bonjour, un album fort en couleurs très bien mis en valeur par votre coup d'oeil , des images superbe.
salutation bruno.

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kucka 10 years ago

Hi Charlene,
Wonderful work ! Your albums are great. Really very nice shots. These albums are different from many other albums which I saw on this portal. Sincerely congratulations.

bye kucka
have a nice day

Charlene Kenna

Charlene Kenna 10 years ago

thanks Kucka, I'm glad you enjoyed them!

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Laurentw 10 years ago

Fantastic pictures !

Charlene Kenna

Charlene Kenna 10 years ago

thank you Laurent!

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Charlene Kenna

Charlene Kenna uploaded Cuba 10 years ago

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