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Ben Townsend

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pbonay 6 years ago

Great landscapes and beautiful B&W photos

Ben Townsend

Ben Townsend 6 years ago

Thanks for your comments.

I hope you enjoyed your Australian trip. You have some great images.

Helene Åvall

Helene Åvall 7 years ago

Hi Ben !!

Thanks for likes my albums !!!
Your Landscape is SO beatiful,, just lovely.
Great light, colors and sharpness...WOW!

Greetings from

Ben Townsend

Ben Townsend 7 years ago

Thanks Helene

I am glad you liked my work, and thank you for the comments.

I also enjoyed looking through your images. Keep taking beautiful images.


Adriano 7 years ago

Hi Ben,

beautiful landscapes, wov!


Ben Townsend

Ben Townsend 7 years ago

Thanks Adriano

I am glad you enjoyed my work.


erikharstrom 7 years ago

Thank's for your support !

Let's continue to enjoy us with your marvelous pics !



Stuttgart1000 7 years ago

thank you for your visit.....
have a nice day

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