Björn Fant

Björn Fant

Björn Fant

I'm a hobby photographer with a passion for which one of the greatest jobs on the planet. When I'm not in the office I like spending time with my son Tim. When it comes to camera choice I prefer Nikon.


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spongeslips 11 years ago

Its sweet :)

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wahab 15 years ago

Great shots

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Larry Byrum

Larry Byrum 15 years ago

I really like your Showcase album. Thanks for producing it.
Larry Byrum

Björn Fant

Björn Fant 15 years ago

Thanks a lot Larry!

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Allan Wallberg
2008-07 klöverön

Allan Wallberg commented on 2008-07 klöverön 15 years ago

Very nice album Björn, snyggt.

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mindor 15 years ago

Björn thanks for making my favorite album.

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