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Fouassin Winnie
Beauty of Bikes

Fouassin Winnie commented on Beauty of Bikes 5 years ago

J'aime bien l'idée des thèmes par couleurs !!! Très sympa à admirer !

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Beauty of Lonely Gloves

Elefantina commented on Beauty of Lonely Gloves 5 years ago

Nice idea to take the Gloves and nice pictures!

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Emilia Lexová
Beauty of Bikes

Emilia Lexová commented on Beauty of Bikes 5 years ago

Interesting idea, I had to take pictures when I was in the Netherlands, super

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Beauty of Brazil

Madeinch commented on Beauty of Brazil 5 years ago

Very lovely pictures. An album where I would like to take on the next plane.

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Beauty of Imagination

pierre-etiennej commented on Beauty of Imagination 5 years ago

Excelent imagination. I realy like it. But the best part of your pictures is very beautiful, with sensibility, abstraction and creativity. Congratulations !


berin 5 years ago

Thank you!

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