Now retired and looking at a new hobby, not sure how good my photos are, I have now updated my camera to the Fuji HS10, I love the countryside, the arts, 50s music and the island of Madeira, although I have also travelled and have quite few photos taken in USA, Vegas and cowboy country etc.


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Thomas-Bilat 6 years ago

Hello barker52,
Thank you for the Visit` in to my Foto-Album, and your nice comment !
I hope you have anyone see, that have you find funny. Well my Photos are not very good, by quality - it`s the mater of my Handy-cam ... (too much red or blue; and very too much of sun (blending by white-colours))
I wish you a good Time and send you Greetings Tom


CLOSED USER 6 years ago

(user closed)


simbamara 6 years ago

hello !
thank you for you nice word´s on my albumsite !
greeeting Niko


jur432 7 years ago

wonderful gallery, beautiful compositions and nice trips. greetings from Polish


svenalar 7 years ago

Thank you for my likes and comment

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