Andreas Sjolund

Andreas Sjolund

Andreas Sjolund

I recently upgraded my camera from an S2 IS to a Nikon D90. My decision to get a D90 came very much from the knowledge that at least 2 of my colleagues would be able to provide much needed support and education at how to use it.

I love to travel and dive and learn new things. Top of my list is how to be a better photographer!


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Andreas Sjolund
Tinas Lab

Andreas Sjolund uploaded Tinas Lab 7 years ago

Visiting Tina in her lab in New York

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Andreas Sjolund
Test from iPad

Andreas Sjolund uploaded Test from iPad 7 years ago

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 7 years ago

Hi. What do you think of the new iPhone app?

Andreas Sjolund

Andreas Sjolund 7 years ago

Sorry for the super late reply - I'm not getting email updates! It looks very good - prob more useful on the new iphones though, since:
1. The camera on my Iphone 3g is a bit weak
2. I'm not much of a random album "browser" person.

I really see it as a useful match for my ipad+camera connection kit. Its prob the best way to get photos from the ipad connection kit online IMHO. So I hope an ipad version is coming soon! Keep up the good work and I hope all is well with you guys!

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 7 years ago

Thanks. Yes, an iPad version is in the works

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remembering 8 years ago

| You work here now, yes ?

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Dor 8 years ago

I like your pick of theme!

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