I´m a holiday-photographer ;-)


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Al Capone was here ;-)

arndbr uploaded Al Capone was here ;-) 8 years ago

Alcatraz Island

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Niagara Falls

arndbr uploaded Niagara Falls 9 years ago

Next time with a helicopter :-)

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miki52 9 years ago

Excellent job, Regards Miki!

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The Big Easy

arndbr uploaded The Big Easy 9 years ago

Some images of New Orleans (before Katrina)

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Kees Laurijsen
By The Sea

Kees Laurijsen commented on By The Sea 9 years ago

Beautiful serie of photos of Cadzand. I was there too but my photos are not so brilliant as yours.
Ich kann nog viel lernen von dieser bilder.


arndbr 9 years ago

Thanks you very much for your kind words! It´s a nice place to spend your holydays. My next visit will be late summer and I will have my camery ready... :-)

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