Ana Mokarzel

Ana Mokarzel

Ana Mokarzel

To talk about ourselves is a delicate matter, particularly when the career involves photographic images. I am a simple person who loves photography. It fascinates me because through photography you can see things in a different way which assaults and establishes your own imaginary. My family has been long involved with images, through the arts and culture. When I was a teenager, my father and I made many photographic field trips together, carrying with us a Leica, a tripod, a photometer, and many rolls of film. Back then, I was mostly an admirer and observer of him and my siblings than an actual photographer. This opened a new discovery for me. The Leica remained with me, and also did the passion for the photography. Many years went by, new paths were taken, when, three years ago (2006) I recognized myself in my son’s black and white beautiful pictures. Immediately I found my lost passion, and once again begun taking pictures. With my son, I leaned the first steps to the digital era, without totally abandoning film pictures. The learning process will be eternal, that’s for sure!

Through my images, I try to picture the daily life through my own eyes. I try to express my love for children, capturing their happiness, ingenuity, and even the negligence which often surround them. This same negligence, which surrounds the elderly and passer-by, are also one of my main themes. I take pride of being Brazilian. I love my country, specially this rich, diverse, and adverse Amazon that I capture through my lenses. In this fascinating Amazon, we find a tender and, at the same time, strong people, who protects his and her land, in a simple manner, with expressive eyes, hands and feet that reflect their hard labor and also the conditions in which they live. These survivors, who live in the margin of huge rivers, bring with them an unexpected joy of living. This is where I strive to capture the soul of the setting. The reality, with textures and faded color, becomes my imaginary. As stated by Boris Kossoy:
“The imaginary is the successive and interminable process of construction and creation of new realities”.

Ana Mokarzel


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CLOSED_USER 6 years ago

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DonBumgarner 6 years ago

Hi Ana,
Very nice work!
I look forward to seeing more of your creative vision.


idafoto 6 years ago

Hello Ana,

Very impressing pictures!!!

regards, Ida


photobymarcus 6 years ago

Amazing pics, very emotional...

(And thanks for visiting my page!)



markus23 6 years ago

Hi Ana,
thanks for visit and linking my album.
Have a nice day.


Ana Mokarzel

Ana Mokarzel 6 years ago

For you too Markus

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