Robert Singleton

Robert Singleton

Robert Singleton

The who and why has become far more important than the what. I can honestly say . . . at this point in my 81 years, the drive for artistic recognition has withered. As I have matured, I have come to understand that perhaps recognition of self by self is the substances of actuality and authenticity.

Recently I was in the process of updating my résumé when it occurred to me that a résumé is as impersonal as the paper it is written on; more than sixty years of dates and events. These events, however, are the results of dreams, desires, and passions which in reality is a more accurate portrait of whom this person is. On this journey through life as we become older and more accepting of our selves. The need to prove or validate our existence through other people is no longer consequential.

Throughout my life I have been seeking expression through the visual arts. In the 60’s and 70’s the work was rooted in Hans Hofmann’s abstract expressionist imagery, I was working with stark geometric shapes contrasted agents spontaneous organic brush work. Organic and geometric elements placed in juxtaposition in a work can be compared with achieving balance between emotions and intellect - as a result they enhance each other.

In recent years the dedication of my work has been to the joy and poetry of light. People say that I just paint clouds studies. No, the cloud shapes are purely an abstract, ever-changing vessel for me to transport light and shared astonishment and hopefulness that come from within.

The many stories connecting these images are about creativity and where it comes from. But it is really about the creator, the author of metaphors; the biographer of illusions. It is more about life, and the influence of life’s connected events, that result in the measured evolution of the creative act.

They give us the means of uncovering the core of our collective evolutionary message; our intuitive understanding and cumulative experience ingrained and transmitted through generations since the dawn of time . . . . . . Creativity is the search for our shared universal awareness.

I recognize that all art must stand on its own merits. The life of its creator is incidental in the long run.

In time my memory may fail me.
In time memory of me.
But, the art will never forget.


Paint Brush and Canvas

West Virginia
United States


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Weatherspoon Art Museum

Weatherspoon Art Museum 7 years ago

Dear Mr. Singleton,
I am the Curator of Collections at the Weatherspoon Art Museum and am trying to reach you regarding two possible works by you. Would you please email me at
Thank you.

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