Born with a camera. I mean, a camera was always around and at a very young age I took my first images with my Zorki 4. Since then I switched some models till my Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi. But that's not the issue here but my passion to capture the nature around me, my family and more.


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a-lex 3 years ago

I wanted to greet all my friends from Jalbum for hosting me for the past years and to you guys, the photographers and artists who visited my gallery and commented on it. It was a good experience but I have to depart due to the annual fee. I'll go and look for free sites to share my photos in.
Take care,

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CLOSED USER 6 years ago

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Franck B.
Alex's Olives

Franck B. commented on Alex's Olives 6 years ago

Very good shots with your XTI.

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Mount Carmel after the fire

CLOSED_USER commented on Mount Carmel after the fire 6 years ago

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a-lex 6 years ago

Yes, I miss Jumanji a lot. He is berried in our yard, so I can say he's always around. At least his soul (and cats have 7 of them). Thanks for visiting.

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