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KNM Photo

KNM Photo

Hi and welcome,
I'm danish, but I live in la belle France.
Photography is my favorite hobby, I love flowers, colors, nature, people, animals,enjoy!


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KNM Photo

KNM Photo uploaded Tilt-Shift 6 years ago

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Lars Fredriksson

Lars Fredriksson commented on Flora 6 years ago

Very good photo's, like the way you got them separated from the background. Very good work.

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Martin Leicht
Menton, une ville, un citron......

Martin Leicht commented on Menton, une ville, un citron...... 10 years ago

Hello Kirsten, merci pour ton «Je aime» pour un de mes albums photos. Ton album "Menton ..." je aime. De belles photos! Cordialement, Martin

KNM Photo

KNM Photo 10 years ago

merci Martin :o)
@ bientôt

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