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gerba 7 years ago

Hello! The portret Photo's are verry beauthiful Greets, Gerrie


Thomas 7 years ago

Hi there,

Thank you very much vor visiting and liking my Pics. As a beginner in Photography that I am, it means alot to me and makes me a little bit proud also. Once again. Thanks and be blessed. kind Regards, Thomas


johnsharp 7 years ago

Thanks for visiting "Urban Patterns." I am glad you liked them.
Regards John.

Helene Åvall

Helene Åvall 7 years ago

Hello Sip 19 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First I will thank you for following me here on jalbum...It`s made me be very proud..... and
then say to you how lovely I thought your portraits is. Much feelings...GOOD !!!!!

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