Sanjuro is my alias, I used this on the net because I am a fan of A Kurosawa, my real name is too long.
I just take images of things that I found interesting and try it to show them in a special way


Konika Minolta 5D



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Gustavo Orensztajn portfolio

kucka commented on Gustavo Orensztajn portfolio 8 years ago

Hello Sanjuro,
it's fantastic work. Your "Monochrome" album is amazing. But all albums in portfolio are great. Really very nice!
bye kucka

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Gustavo Orensztajn portfolio

markus23 commented on Gustavo Orensztajn portfolio 8 years ago

Hi Sanjuro,
excellent works, very good shots.

regards Markus

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Gustavo Orensztajn portfolio

CLOSED USER commented on Gustavo Orensztajn portfolio 10 years ago

(user closed)

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Gustavo Orensztajn portfolio

abstractartist commented on Gustavo Orensztajn portfolio 11 years ago

excellent stuff i love the outside in the city portfolio esp the image diesel , great contrast of subject

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Richard R.
Gustavo Orensztajn portfolio

Richard R. commented on Gustavo Orensztajn portfolio 11 years ago

Gustavo, GREAT WORK! What software are you using for these effects? I currently use Photoshop CS3, and Painter X. How do you edit your images to get these effects? I Would appreciate knowing.
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Again..Great Work!
Thank you for sharing it.

Carl Manneh

Carl Manneh 11 years ago

Where'd you take those pictures of the buildings? Barcelona?

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