Skip Montello

Skip Montello

Skip Montello

Why I do this:
I strive to capture a point in time and share my vision and perception of our shared world that best describes that particular point in time that will not likely occur again. Every day presents new opportunities to record an event- from a simple reflection off the glass calm water to an explosion of color produced as the sun rises and sets each day. Nature's enduring awesomeness can be found every day and every season, you just have to "look"! What I see through the cameras lens (and sometimes in my mind's eye) is what I strive to reproduce and share in the final image.

For me, digital photography (camera and software) bridges the gap between traditional photography (camera and darkroom) with Art (brush and canvas) creating a stimulating new art form. Skip is an exhibiting photography member of the Rockport Art Association Newburyport Art Association, Rocky Neck Art Colony and Rocky Neck Gallery.


I use Canon, Olympus and Fuji cameras, Photoshop CS5, NIK and Topaz for processing.

Rockport, MA
United States


  • Pergil
  • Helene Åvall
  • Kris Joris
  • Jan Siman
  • Giorgio Lulli
  • Albin Emitslöf
  • Erkki Raiski
  • Paul Maenhout
  • Olfa
  • KNM Photo
  • Peter-John Taylor
  • Francesco Pucci
  • Bree
  • Randy Rak
  • Manu
  • baraj
  • mirene-fr
  • Christine Burger
  • Robert Murent
  • PSF
  • ykarelic4
  • Jo Frehen
  • jeeceephoto
  • henkjalving
  • Jiří Krčmář
  • Frans Beer
  • Carla Hemel-Prinsen
  • eyolfj
  • freedt

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Regal Raptor

ibskou commented on Regal Raptor 10 months ago

Hi Skip,
An absolute fantastic album with this beautiful and fascinating bird. Damm well photographed .
Hope you are fine up there in the rocky and beautiful area :-))

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Skip Montello

Skip Montello 11 months ago

Thanks Martin, just haven't had time to post recent photos to jalbumn

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Martin Leicht

Martin Leicht 11 months ago

Hello Skip, thanks for your "Like"! I am looking forward to seeing you again soon! But if the time is missing, it simply means waiting! Greetings, Martin

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Skip Montello

Skip Montello one year ago

Hi Martin...You're welcome , I have done a lot of photography...mostly infrared. Havent had time to upload to jalbum as yet. I will soon!

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Martin Leicht

Martin Leicht one year ago

Hello Skip! Thanks for your two Likes to my latest Iceland-images - makes me happy! Photographing you yet? Have some time no new images seen! ;-) Best regards, Martin (Transl. Google)

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