Ted Reid

Ted Reid

Ted Reid

As an observer I like photography because its nice to be able to capture moments in time and space otherwise held only in recollection with paint and canvas, script on paper or lyrics in song. My photography is random and spur of the moment. Life's images are all around, I try to have a camera with me at all times. The interpretation of perspective caught by that one great exposure and the surprise you get when later seeing that film developed or memory card displayed is one of life's great ways to remember what you do , where you did it , or who you were with. These experiences are like bits of wood gathered up for your life's fire. I try to find a little kindling every day so I can stay warm for a long time with friends when my last fire burns. Share the love.


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Tug Boats

Rol747 commented on Tug Boats 6 years ago

Du beau travail, merci. C'était un plaisir.

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CLOSED USER commented on Alaska 6 years ago

(user closed)

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Martin Leicht

Martin Leicht 6 years ago

Hello Ted, thank you for visiting my albums! I like your pictures of Alaska, especially - has very impressive moments here! Regards, Martin

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Ted Reid

Ted Reid updated SITE4SOREIZ 6 years ago

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Tug Boats

littlesssweet commented on Tug Boats 6 years ago

hello again
than you for looking through my albums. the one of yours is special. i envy you the urban and harbour surrounding. tasty views :)
greetings julka

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