Welcome to the Pierce Middle School Photography Club website. Each student has their own personal album, take a peek and leave a comment!


  • Tiida
  • Wil Banting
  • Laurentw
  • Franck B.
  • magikphil
  • photto
  • KNM Photo
  • Helene Åvall
  • Pokrupova
  • edwinkaap
  • philgood
  • ludovikus
  • markus23
  • idealist13

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PiercePhoto 4 years ago

So great to see some of you guys returning this year!
You are off to a great start - I'm loving the editing and use of light I'm seeing in your photos so far.
Keep it up! I can't wait to see more.
~Mrs. P

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CLOSED_USER 5 years ago

(user closed)

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Elkana Johnson

Elkana Johnson 6 years ago

Gorgeous photos at all, captured best. Thanks for sharing this hope to see more photos from you. Keep up the good work.

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Best of 2011

GeorgMay commented on Best of 2011 6 years ago


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