I'm a semii-retired architect-developer and educator who enjoys taking pictures and composing art with them.

I also work hard at making my profession and others in the building sector adopt a green mindset so that all projects undertaken will mitigate rather than aggravate climate change and global warming.

Extrapolating from Antonio DiMambro's 1988 BSA competition winner, two others of us are promoting to true policy and financing visionaries the creation of a Metropolitan Boston Dike Barrier between the shoulder highlands of Cohasset and Swampscott, a macro-engineering and macro-financing project.


Sony a-900, with DT 18-250 lens - used for most of my shots; also Canon EOS 20D, with Canon EF 70-300 lens

United States


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Martin Leicht

Martin Leicht commented on 150901-Werdenberg 3 years ago

Hello Papesch! Thanks for your pictures! The album Werdenberg like it. I lived six years there and was always fascinated by these tiny town in Switzerland! Greetings from Switzerland, Martin (Google translation)


Papesch 3 years ago

Hallo, Martin:

Solch ähnlich schöne Erinnerungen hab' ich auch, obwohl etwas früher wahrscheinlich als du: ich habe zw. 1963 & 1965 die Regionalplanung für das alpine Lichtenstein betrieben, und obzwar ich in Effretikon (nähe Zürich) wohnte, kam ich jede Woche mehrmals in's Rheintal und nach Liechtenstein. Blöderweise kam ich nie nach Werdenderg!

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