Moaana Green

Moaana Green

Moaana Green

LIGHT : naturally painter ...

With my digital camera in one shot but no computer touching up ( Photoshop ... ) I capture naturally some authentic paintings created by light itself this artist colorist of genius and inventor of painting : painting exist since light exist ,in other words long before the birth of the first human ...
I just can tell you i only need light and his reflecting parts ( Flowers, water, stones.. ) , my hands and my simple basic digital camera to capture each painting created by light itself ... and perhaps some electromagnetic sensitivity ...

Recently in more i found interesting also to use software to scan new colors and shapes from the light with those special photos .
By honesty I indicate on each photo album if the photos are made naturally without using a color scanner or with using a color scanner .

For the rest i prefer keeping the mystery to preserve the magic of the discovery from the viewer .

I don't search to speak about me , it's not very interesting to know who i am : the important thing is the genius of light's paintings naturally .
I hope only one day those light's paintings will be exposed all around the planet ( Paris / New-York / Tokyo / London / Florence ... ) in famous sites where a lot of persons will be able watch them just to smell nice emotions simply .

Try to understand how i capture such authentic paintings , no computer touching up or with a color scanner , is not very important :the only interests are to reflect on the genius of light and what those paintings represent in touching your heart ? , what do you smell and imagine when you look for them ?

I will continue such work about light and i will publish new paintings in the same way .
I will also occasionally some "classic " photo albums.

I do not consider myself as an artist : the true artist of genius is, you have understood , light this mysterious electromagnetic radiation which the human eye perceives only 10 percent of the spectrum .

I created more than 200 photo albums in the same way .
For the moment i keep them secret ....

Thank you to light itself the true inventor of painting, its reflective parts without forgetting the photon his first messenger ...
Thanks also to Magali for her encouragement .

Best regards.
Moaana Green

universally speaking ...
spectrally vibrant ...


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