My prime interest in photography is shooting what you would normally walk straight pass and not notice. Bring the little things to the forefront. I also love underwater photography as it has always been a place of fascination for me.


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chrispack 6 years ago

Hi Michael,

thanks for liking my flowers. You have some great shots too.

All the best,



evelyn 6 years ago

my name is Evelyn , i was glad when i went through your profile on jalbum.net, i would be happy to build a serious relationship with you, please contact me on this email address( evelynqueen54 at/ /y/ah /oo.c/o/m ) so that i can tell you more about me with my pictures , Again i have something good to discuss with you. Remember that age or distance does not matter but love to refer the matters in life, this is my email box address ( evelynqueen54 /at/ ya/h o/o.c/om )
God bless you,
yours Evelyn.


fotografia69 6 years ago

Thanks for your "like" :-)


Rayke 6 years ago

Thank you for liking my album michael, highly appreciated!
have a nice day, raymond


MichaelMurray 6 years ago

Who would have thought that rust could look so interesting, great work

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