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Mark Strickland

Mark Strickland

My photography albums.

My photography started out as a hobby many decades ago with a Minolta 35mm film camera and eventually a 50-200 zoom lens. I even tinkered with a Minox "spy" camera and did my own B&W developing. When I wanted something special I used expensive Cibachrome prints that would yield vivid colors because there was no digital photo editing. This also helped over come using high speed film that was grainy and just did not have the ability to sometimes capture what the eye could see.

Over the years photography has turned into a serious passion. For my serious photography I graduated from 35mm film to a Nikon 5000 Digital SLR and a Tamron 18-270 zoom lens with extraordinary vibration reduction. Later a Nikon D5300 24 megapixel camera has raised the bar even higher. More recently I have started using a Nikon D7500 and a Tamron 18-400 zoom lens. The lens is not very fast (F/6.3 zoomed at 400 mm) but the D7500 has a native ISO up to 51,200. When coupled with the vibration compensation of the Tamron lens you can sit in the stands of a football stadium and take nice hand held well exposed photos of a game under the lights. Until I got the D7500 I never realized how fast a DSLR could focus. The D7500 is nearly instant.

In the past I sometimes used a pocket point and shoot camera. That has been replaced by an iPhone but I rarely do any serious shots with anything except my Nikon DSLR. The Camera+ app on the iPhone does improve the capability and if I don't have my DSLR this does a pretty nice job.

Although I have DXO Optics Pro photo software I find that it is rarely needed to tweak many images beyond simple cropping or maybe noise reduction for low light photos. Nearly all of the images in the albums on this site are 100% un-edited.

Part of the ability to do extraordinary image capture, that does not require editing, is a great zoom lens with vibration reduction. My Tamron zoom allows me to frame the shot nearly any way I want without taking a step and at the longer focal lengths it makes hand held shots very sharp. Being able to zoom in on a sunset lets the image fill the frame with saturated color. The same could be done with cropping but there would be a loss of sharpness, and I find, a loss of color saturation with fewer pixels in the cropped size.

The beach is a favorite spot and you will find lots of beach pictures here. The sunsets and sunrises provide some spectacular images. In a few you will find pelicans silhouetted in the brilliance of the sun. My home town, Frankfort, also has many photogenic spots along Old Frankfort Pike and near by.

Recently I have been using a new DJI Spark drone to capture some very interesting photos and videos. This is a consumer drone that has a mechanical gimbal camera mount and can take rock steady videos while in motion. It now can also take 360 degree spherical panoramic photos that, when viewed, give a virtual reality experience. Soon I will have a section here for these photos and videos.


Mark Strickland
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Nikon D7500
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