I love taking pictures of nature, to capture émotions on people, animals and more. What I like more about it, is to do close up on things, because it gives me a feeling of giving life to things in my own way.

J'adore faire de la photographie. Ce que j'aime le plus c'est de prendre la nature dans ses changements, les émotions chez les gens, mais par dessus tout, j'aime aller chercher ce qu'on ne voit pas toujours, car j'y trouves le sentiment de donner vie à ce qui est inerte.


  • Henk ter Horst
  • zdlouhy
  • Pascal Jonckers
  • Tiida
  • ludovikus
  • Rolf Konttaniemi

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justallimages 4 years ago

"Manoushka , what a wonderful creative name, you feel beauty, so you capture it ,
its good for all who capture this to feel acknowledged by others who feel and see the same
lot of good feelings some galleries you may like cheers love your work

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Sky deep

Manoushka1967 updated Sky deep 5 years ago

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Ingridvandamme 5 years ago

Manoushka, thanks for liking my album " Lente gevoel"



Manoushka1967 5 years ago

You are very welcome, you're a great photograph

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