I think I'm about to step unto a new boat where I have yet to know what lies ahead of me.



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The 1st Jalbum

bbdew commented on The 1st Jalbum 7 years ago

Beautiful pictures you make !
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Greetings from Bert

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Toffturf 8 years ago


You did a great job here. You seem to travel a lot. If you ever come to Quebec Canada let me know.
I have also work with a Canon 40D and 50D . You can see the result in my portfolio I am a professional photographer and I do Fashion and commercial images with youth.

Have a nice day


MahalAmanda 8 years ago

Thanks very much! That's a sweet compliment coming from a professional photog. So far I'm doing photography as a hobby, which I enjoy a lot. So much to explore. Unfortunately, I just got back to Manila last week. Don't know when I'll be back in Canada.

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John Seegers

John Seegers 8 years ago

Nice 1st album!

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The 1st Jalbum

Dor commented on The 1st Jalbum 8 years ago

Great work!

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The 1st Jalbum

MahalAmanda uploaded The 1st Jalbum 8 years ago

Went through my folders and picked my favorites from the bunch. This is also my 1st Jalbum post.

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