Michel Bons

Michel Bons

Michel Bons

Hi, welcome at my photo gallery.

I use a Nikon D7000 camera with several lenses. Before the D7000 I used a Nikon D90.
I particularly like nature and animal photography. But I am also trying to shoot some nice portraits once in a while.

Comments or advice regarding my pictures are highly appreciated.


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Rol747 commented on Macro's 6 years ago

Absolument splendide. J'adore la 2è.

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Zouwe Boezem

Rol747 commented on Zouwe Boezem 6 years ago

Ces photos sont vraiment très belles. Roland.


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Awesome Birds

Rol747 commented on Awesome Birds 6 years ago

Très jolie, cette série sur les oiseaux.

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Awesome Birds

CLOSED_USER commented on Awesome Birds 6 years ago

(user closed)

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Awesome Birds

snakesafe commented on Awesome Birds 6 years ago

These are awesome, I've never seen such detail.

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