Hielke Roelevink

Hielke Roelevink

Hielke Roelevink

Hobby fotograaf van Zeilschepen en Landschappen!


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CLOSED_USER 7 years ago

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N. Siepel

N. Siepel 8 years ago

Hoi Hielke....
prachtige serie.....
zitten geweldige foto's bij,
dikke complimenten!!!

gr. Nieske

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seabreezesong 8 years ago

When I was a much younger woman I served as mate aboard the vessel Brandaris, a 1938 lemsteraak...there has been no comparable vessel since! They still melt my heart and muster a deep yearning that is soulful...your photos leave me in this bliss and pain...never has there been a happier reverie than above that roll of sea in the sprit-hammock ~ Thank you kindly!

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Lemsteraken Profile

CLOSED USER commented on Lemsteraken Profile 8 years ago

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