Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar

I work for jAlbum as graphic designer and skin developer. Started with Chameleon back in 2005, later came Turtle, and a few others. Lately I focus on responsive skins, like Tiger, Photoblogger, Projector, Lucid and Animatics. Started photography with good old film cameras and a dark room in the bathroom. By now it's much easier when your mobile is capable of taking decent photos out of the box.





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Kent Durk

Kent Durk 5 months ago


Discovered the Lucid Skin w/ jAlbum!!
I am a photographer here in Missouri - For years I used SlideShow Director Pro which was Flash based and now is obsolete. The Lucid solution is what i have decided to use on the over 65,000 images i have for my website - I got everything set up to export to my website Im currently working on recreating from the ground up - The only thing that i am unable to disable in the skin interface is the display of dates in the thumbnail tab - is there a way to turn off the dates - I guess maybe i could edit out that line of code in Dreamweaver?? --- Thank You!!

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar 5 months ago

Hi Kent,

Lucid skin does not display the dates on the thumbnails automatically. It displays the "Title" and the "Comment". Naturally, if you put the dates in the photo captions, the skin will display it. You can check out what your images have as comments and titles in the Details mode (right top).

You can also check which metadata fields get imported into jAlbum when you add them in Settings / Advanced / Metadata / Comment sources. Perhaps jAlbum has picked up those from some XMP or IPTC data.

Please note, with so many images it's important to chop them into folders because no webpage (or browser) is capable of displaying more than some 1000 images on a single page.

Best regards,

Kent Durk

Kent Durk 4 months ago

edited the list of exif in lucid and now it only display what i want to show

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Kent Durk

Kent Durk 4 months ago

Hello - Got everything set up like i want in Lucid and have been making new slideshows with it!! Really Great
The one thing that i have to redo do before exporting is link the background image every time before i export - it show the correct file name ti the BG.jpg on my hard drive but if i export it without repointing it to the BG.jpg it will export without the background tile - if i repoint it agin, press apply and then OK before i export - the background tile is there. How to i get it to stay without resetting it every time? Thru the file menu i tried saving all the options but it won't keep it when i start a new slideshow - Thank You!

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Sascha Kajic

Sascha Kajic 7 years ago

Hi Laza (and other at JAlbum),
Thank you for such a nice platform and template, i.e. Turtle! I like folders and have just started to use it.
Sascha Kajic, Lund Sweden

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar 7 years ago

Thanks, Sascha!

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