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Laurentw 7 years ago

Simply beautifull....


CLOSED USER 7 years ago

(user closed)

Hans Jørgen Rasmussen

Hans Jørgen Rasmussen 7 years ago

Very original images - Very beautiful.
Since I have many good iranian friends, it is very good to see fascinating art made by iranian artists.

Also: After a visit in Iran in 2010, my wife and I are very involved with the green movement, and the women's life in Iran. Considering your governments views on nudity and sexuality, your images are quite fantastic.

Take a look inside my albums, please ..........

Hans Jorgen


Kamyar 7 years ago

Thank you Hans. It's very encouraging to see people like you care about what happens to us when we shout about freedom.
p.s. beautiful images. really enjoyed them.

Hans Jørgen Rasmussen

Hans Jørgen Rasmussen 7 years ago

- at closer inspection it seems the pictures are taken by many different photographers - is that true?
Hans Jorgen

Rico Coolen

Rico Coolen 7 years ago

Hi Kamyar,
Beautiful series. Good models and poses. Nice light.

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