Jeff Larsen

Jeff Larsen

Jeff Larsen

Retired photojournalist turned bird photographer..learning as I go.


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The Experiment

kucka commented on The Experiment 6 years ago

Hi Jeff,
it's amazing album ! Bravo.

bye kucka

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The Experiment

markus23 commented on The Experiment 6 years ago

Hi Jeff,
your album "The Experiment" is excellent. I very like BW photos, but I think that BW birds are mysterious.

Have a nice day.

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Jeff Larsen

Jeff Larsen 7 years ago

Thanks Eiffel tower pictures!

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bruno Gueroult
The Experiment

bruno Gueroult commented on The Experiment 7 years ago

I am in awe of all your images by beauty, you have plenty of talent and as surely many patient, bravo.
Bruno greeting.

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Jens Ilnov
The Experiment

Jens Ilnov commented on The Experiment 7 years ago

One word: WOW !!'

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