Igor Ozkin

Igor Ozkin

Igor Ozkin

Igor Ozkin


born:in Samara, USSR

1995 BFA, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel
1990 BFA studies, Architecture and Design, Samara, USSR
1987 Design and Architecture studies, College of Design, Samara, USSR
1985 Art School for Youth, Samara, USSR

Professional Experience
2013 – 2017 Member of the Clay Gallery “Artishook”, Jaffa, Israel
2003 – 2017 Member of the Clay Gallery “Gilda”, Jerusalem, Israel
2001 – 2010 Supervision and management of occupational ceramics department, “Ilan”, Jerusalem
1995 – 2017 Managing an active studio, sculptural ceramics, ceramics design and art
1996 – 2017 Design and production of ceramics objects


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Igor Ozkin
Tea pots

Igor Ozkin updated Tea pots 6 years ago

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Igor Ozkin

Igor Ozkin updated Tiles 6 years ago

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a-lex commented on cups 8 years ago

!צפיתי בהנאה מרובה בעבודות שלך. והתרשמתי עמוקות. אתה ברוך כשרון ואמן גדול. יישר כח
It's my wife who was very impressed by your works, chaver. It was my pleasuer to share your gallery with many friends. I'm looking forward to see where your imagination will take you from here…

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a-lex commented on Pomegranates 8 years ago

At a moment I thought that the theme pomegranate's surface represent our planet but perhaps I am mistaken. Anyway, each item is a master, prettier than previous and they all show your creativity, deep imagination and desire to innovate.
I'll leave the rest for my next visit.

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a-lex commented on Pomegranates 8 years ago

Shalom Igor,
You've left me speechless with your work of art and its marvelous documentation. I could feel the touch and enjoy the richness of the pomegranate.
Your gallery here encourages me to upload my pomegranates, but the real thing…
I mean, fruit of our pomegranate tree.
ב ה צ ל ח ה


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