Hi, I'm the jAlbum mascot Dor. I'm originally a pet hand doll founder David used to have as a child. I was invited to welcome people to the site and to show them around. I wish you a pleasant stay :)

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ruth 3 years ago

YOU, my friend, and of course your "master" are truly the greatest!! Had it not have been for your "master" we would not have experienced Skansen, and the public transportation and truly helpful and friendly folks of Stockholm!!

Good frog!!

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 3 years ago

Happy you discovered this Stockholmish gem

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jAlbum goes Fjäderholmarna

ruth commented on jAlbum goes Fjäderholmarna 3 years ago

We call it "shooting" each other!!

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 3 years ago

Yes. photo shoots :-)

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Rico Coolen

Rico Coolen 4 years ago

Hi Dor nd of course your colleagues,
I was n't here yet but I'm impressed especially the new storage capacity album. Nice pic's.

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Bertvanelten 5 years ago

Hi Dor,
check out my new "Birds of the reeds" album.
Greetings from Holland.

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Lieke Kops

Lieke Kops 5 years ago

What a surprise! Thank you again for featuring my album! :) :)
Warm regards,

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 5 years ago

You're welcome. Sorry for missing replying.

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