Daniel Rothenbühler

Daniel Rothenbühler

Daniel Rothenbühler

My favorite camera is pentax k200d with pentax macro 100/2.8 and pentax smc 55-300....


Daniel Rothenbühler hasn't uploaded any albums yet.

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  • miwwim


PPapy08 9 years ago

Beauiful Pictures.
Grat macros!


HdL-Photos 9 years ago

Love your work Daniel.
Keep it up!


Picone 9 years ago

The names of bands are the first, Tinturia the second 99 posse and I'm sorry but this bands are not reggae, while they are (ska: 99 posse) (musical sicilian: Tinturia) two grups very beautiful.


Picone 9 years ago

Hey Naice too meet you.
With the message that you sent me Thank you. The yours album are very beautiful.
Excellent macro.
I still have to add pictures then hear us. Thank you and the next.
Sorry for my english but is very school. Bay

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