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Dave Rudge

Dave Rudge 2 years ago

Only just found this album - thanks to Nov 2015 newsletter.
I am grateful for your hard work.
Now, if only I could find some photos of Hackwood Lane.

Dave Rudge


CLOSED USER 2 years ago

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Ross Palmer

Ross Palmer 6 years ago

Excellent job, Paul! What an incredible archive - so many facets of such a small community. We should be proud of the integrated social structure we have in this village when so many people in the UK don't even know their next door neighbours after living alongside them for years.
Very well done, my friend.

Ross Palmer

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Karen Kelso
Cliddesden Archive

Karen Kelso commented on Cliddesden Archive 6 years ago

The wedding photo is of my grandparents Charles Henry Scutter and Olive Maria Bone. Olive's parents William and Selina Bone (nee Phillips) lived in the thatched cottage next door to the Jolly Farmers. Charlie and Olive had two daughters who lived with their grandparents in Cliddesden for a while - Mare (who attended the local school) and Enid Hazel (my Mum). Mare died earlier this year (2011).

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