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  • Terry's Astrophotos

    Terry's Astrophotos

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    Welcome to my Astrophoto website. My name is Terry Evans and I live on the edge of Exmoor, North West of Taunton in Somerset, UK. I've been interested in the night sky since I was about 7 years old but it was getting Patrick Moore's Observer's Book of Astronomy when I was 13 that set me on the path of a life-long interest.

    The site is organised into Albums containing images of objects in various catalogues. The site was created using Jalbum and the Chameleon skin. Acquisition of images and processing was mainly done using MaximDL with a bit of Photoshop for final tweaking.

  • Tahiti 2010

    Tahiti 2010

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    Some images from our visit to Tahiti, Hao Atoll and California for the 2010 July 11th Total Solar Eclipse

  • Latest Images

    Latest Images

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    Recent images taken and posted to the website.

  • Arp Galaxies

    Arp Galaxies

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    Halton "Chip" Arp produced a catalogue of 338 "interesting" galaxies and groups of interacting galaxies. He photographed most of these with the Palomar 48inch Schmidt and the Hale 200inch telescope. I've tried to produce photographs of these objects with my much more modest setup :-).
    Most of the images were taken through a TMB203 8 inch apochromatic refractor at f/9 with a SXV-H9 camera. Most exposures were an hour or less. Clear nights are at a premium in deepest dankest Somerset!
    Some of the southermost objects were imaged from my remote observatory in Moorook, Australia with the same TMB203 telescope.

  • Solar System

    Solar System

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    My setup doesn’t really do justice to most solar system objects. Even the major planets (Jupiter and Saturn) need to be amplified by the use of a Barlow lens to give any detail. However, I've managed to capture all of the palnets, the "dwarf" planets, the Sun & Moon and a number of asteroids & comets.
    The gallery includes animated GIF files of the motion of the dwarf planets, comets and astreoids. These may take a little time to download.