Hi, I am André Wolff.

I was 30 years active in the software development for Philips in the Netherlands.

To keep my brains active, I spent after my retirement still some time in software development, but now for my hobbies: digital photography, walking with GPS and investing. Some of my programs can be downloaded from my website:

For the presentation of my pictures I use my FancyBox skin, my Slide Show 4 skin or my PhotoSwipe skin, which are designed not only for PCs but also for mobile devices like the iPad and the iPhone.

Please visit my website: or Email me if you need more information.


Olympus E-620, Sony NEX-6, Olympus OM-D E-M10 II



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AndreWolff uploaded Paddestoelen 7 months ago


SIMON Marc 7 months ago

Bonjour André.
Bonjour André .superbes séries sur les 3 albums de champignons. Juste un petit détail pour moi le cadrage est un peu trop serré pour l'ambiance environnante et voir le milieu de vie des champignons. ce n'est qu'une remarque personnelle. Marc


AndreWolff 7 months ago

Bonjour Marc,

Thanks for your nice words. I agree with you about the framing of the images, but these 3 albumss are only made to test the new jAlbum on-line album creator, see the forum: 5710&tstart=0&messageID=336784#336784

For my own pictures I prefer my own skins, see for example this album: t/Engbertsedijksvenen/EngbertsdijksvenenPaddes toelen/index.htm

Please remove the spaces and linefeeds from these links, otherwise they are giving the wrong page,

Regards, André

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AndreWolff uploaded Mushrooms 7 months ago

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Manxman one year ago

Hi Andre, Re: your response to me regarding adding music to a slide show:
I read it and made a copy of it and am trying to send the "project file" for the show.
Can you tell me where I can find that file, as I am not that familiar with the actual workings of all of the steps involved in making these slide shows. I was going to send a list of items in "file manager but the list wouldn't copy and it wouldn't be "live" anyway......Sorry!


AndreWolff one year ago

Your album makes music on my PC, but not on my iPad. To play music on a mobile device it is required that you clear check mark 'Start slideshow automatically'.


Manxman one year ago

Great, Thanks Andre,
I Will attempt to create another Album based on your findings.
Just to help you figure me out, .... I began making albums in JAlbum in 2006, just about 300 and was using the skin Fotoplayer. I would up load them all into my own Website: ...... EG: reenland/album/index.html
I always made them with the same format with the addition of music every time.
When Adobe Flash pulled the plug on Fotoplayer, I could no longer use it. It was 3 years later that I found that your skin, so I wanted to get back into making Albums again. That 3 year layoff caused my brain to freeze up, That's when I contacted you unravel some of the problems that I hit, which you have done - THANKS!


AndreWolff one year ago

Like with the Tiger skin, you should open the index page to handle background music as viewer.
But I still see no index page in your Slide Show 4 album 2
And if you like to investigate other skins, I recommend also my FancyBox skin, which is comparible with the Slide Show 4 skin, but shows better transitions and has more features.

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