I'm a huge hockey fan and have picked a few of my favorite players to collect. Overall I'm a big Columbus Blue Jackets fan, having been a fan since their innaugaral season in 2000-20001. So far the franchise has been a dissapointement in terms of success but am still holding on to that slim chance of hope that they might win the Stanley Cup someday.

But anyway on to my Player Collections. I am a huge Evgeni Nabokov fan. I currently am collecting every card of him that I can find (base, parallel, insert, jersey, auto, patch, etc.) My fiance is a huge Sergei Fedorov fan and has been collecting every card of him (base, parallels, inserts, jersey, auto, patch, etc.) We have also been collecting RJ Umberger but only his Rookie, jersey, auto, and patch cards. I have also been collecting Derek Dorsett and Tom Sestito both are Rookie, jersey, auto, and patch cards as well.


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