Use cases

jAlbum is a universal, multi-faceted tool for all who look for the best way to present their photos.

From enthusiast to professional photographers

Create a spectacular website for your company, or showcase your portfolio! It's easy with jAlbum. About and Contact page, feedback, search, tagging, social sharing – no problem. You can even sell your photos (or any product by the way) through PayPal. Note, jAlbum albums work as great on mobiles as on desktops. And we also offer apps for mobile platforms to make the album creation even easier.

Website for photography portfolio

Online photo gallery

Families, schools

Transform your family photos into history! JAlbum offers dozens of different layouts and feature sets to satisfy every need. Your photos will remain in their original, high-resolution format and will always be yours to keep. We will never use your photos for commercial purposes. You don't have to run a complete website either with a storage account.

Event photographers

Do you shoot thousands of photos every day? You probably use your PC to store the material. It's not practical to upload such an amount of originals to a cloud service. They might go bankrupt one day or claim rights to your photos. You possibly want neither. jAlbum allows you to keep all your originals on your PC and helps arrange them into spectacular albums. A photo album with thousands of folders or hundreds of thousands of images is not the end of the world for jAlbum. Our skins allow selling the photos through PayPal, or using a kiosk for a customized ordering workflow.

Photo gallery application

Hobbyists, artists, special interest groups

We have seen many creative uses of jAlbum over the years: hiking club documentation, travelogue, showcasing all the buses from around the world, insect catalog, and plant seed database – to name a few. Feels great to see how our product contributes to our user's projects. With jAlbum it's really easy to organize a huge number of items into albums, backing up and maintaining the albums right from your PC - making it ideal for large projects. No wonder so many artists use jAlbum to showcase their portfolios.


Those who run a blog site backed by a Content Management platform might easily bump up these platform's limitations when using lots of photos. These were not made to store and organize lots of photos. Hence we developed a WordPress plugin that bridges the gap between WordPress and jAlbum, effectively combining the benefits of both. The jAlbum Bridge plugin creates a spectacular gallery sampler inside a WordPress post and links to the real album.