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Please select a download appropriate to your operating system:

For versions without bundled Java, jAlbum needs at least Java 8. Check your java version here. If you don't have Java installed, get it here. It's free.

Having trouble installing? See the Installation help below,
if that doesn't help post a question in our friendly forum.


Zip version: If you are having trouble using the installers, don't like installers or just want to make a minor update, try downloading jAlbum without an installer as a zip archive.

CD-ROM distribution: Magazines wanting to bundle jAlbum with their issues can contact us to get a CD-ROM version that is already bundled with the latest Java.

Installation help


After downloading, double-click jAlbum-install.exe


After downloading, open Jalbum.dmg and drag the jAlbum folder to your Applications folder.

Please note:
jAlbum 17 and newer requires OS X 10.11 or later.
jAlbum 13-16 requires OS X 10.8.3 or later.
To use jAlbum on Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7, you need to download an older version of jAlbum.
Earlier versions of Mac OS X are not supported due to lack of support for modern Java.

Linux (.deb and .rpm versions):

After downloading, simply open the jAlbum package to install it. jAlbum will then be available via the Graphics section of the Applications menu.

As an alternative to manual download and install use the software repository for RPMs:

Please note: Java is required to run jAlbum.

Other Unix platforms - Linux (.bin version), Solaris, HP-UX and AIX:

After downloading open a shell and, cd to the directory where you downloaded the installer.
At the prompt type: sh ./jAlbuminstall.bin

Please note: Java is required to run jAlbum.

All other platforms (using the .jar or .zip versions):

Unix or Unix-like operating systems

After downloading, type
java -jar jAlbuminstall.jar
If that does not work, try
java -classpath [path to] install

If that does not work either, on sh-like shells, try
cd [to directory where jAlbuminstall.jar is located]
java install

Or for csh-like shells, try
cd [to directory where jAlbuminstall.jar is located]
setenv CLASSPATH jAlbuminstall.jar
java install

Other platforms

In a console window, change to the directory where you downloaded jAlbuminstall.jar to before running the installer.

Your operating system may invoke Java in a different way. To start the installer, add jAlbuminstall.jar to your CLASSPATH, then start the main class of the installer named install.

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