This skin has not been updated for over two years, and may not work with the current version of jAlbum.

Carlos Albarran Carlos Albarran
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This skin needs the "" to work...
This is the most appropriate skin to use with sophisticated styles.
The thumbnails pages (index) have several options for placing the text: title (bottom, top, left, right), name, comment, date, number or nothing.
In the slides pages you can put the comments and mini thumbs in various positions.
3 modes for displaying the slides:
1. images resized to the chosen size,
2. original sized to fill the entire screen
3. original in its actual size.
Navigation buttons in all situations.
Transparent watermark with the font size you choose.
You can choose among 59 styles, the one that suits your fancy.
You can also easily customize them.

This skin needs the "" to work...
The "arte_resources.jaskin" has more option and resources to use with this skin...

Transition effect(s)Uses JavascriptMulti-language albumsDisplays EXIF/IPTC datajAlbum widget supportPrint orderingSupports foldersFreewareHas slideshowPlays audio filesIntegrated shopping cart
Apr 6, 2009
Last updated
Jan 9, 2012



1.1.5 Jan 9, 2012 (current)

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rfm2 10 years ago

I have worked with this skin since Carlos started the development last Fall, and I can tell you that it is the most versatile and complete of the many skins I have tested and used in the 73 albums I have built with Jalbum and posted on my website. Don't be misled by the "artse" appearance of this page or the sample album (that's just Carlos) because they represent only 3 or 4 of the 59 styles available, all of which are outstanding.