This plugin puts a tree of the album's folder structure inside of a XP skin side panel. The user can navigate between the folders in the album using the tree which is visible on both index and slide pages.

Pretty much what I did was copy Anders' code from his skin files and modify it so it would work as a plugin.

The result looks a little different from the XP skin's built-in folder output. This one appears in an XP panel which is always visible (can be collapsed), whereas the built-in is opened via a hyperlink and then is in a full-height pane. The plugin version uses the folder's custom title as entered in JAlbum (or system folder name if a title has not been entered). The builtin version currently always uses the system folder name.


Aug 26, 2007
Last updated
Aug 26, 2007


1.1 Aug 26, 2007 (current)