A jQuery based infinite scroll skin with a lightbox. All images load into the index page as one scrolls the page. Supports images, local html5 video, Youtube, Vimeo and external links in the lightbox. CSS3 effects in modern browsers, Google fonts option, social sharing. Automatically sets up subfolders in a drop down navigation to access them from the main page. More options to come.
NOTE: Due to Browser restrictions on loading json data locally, the gallery may not show offline in certain browsers or in Jalbum's built in browser. Firefox will usually not be a problem for this issue.


Transition effect(s)Supports foldersPlays video filesHas slideshow
Mar 10, 2014
Last updated
Jan 18, 2015

Commercial use is allowed only if you pay a 3rd party license and have a jAlbum Pro license.
No modifications of the skin are allowed.
You have to pay a fee to a 3rd party to get rid of the nag screen. Read more on the skin's home page.


1.2.0 Jan 18, 2015 (current)

Updated javascript and CSS files. Fixed css3 loading animation bugs. Streamlined the skins social sharing option. New toolbar that now sticks to the top of the page as images are scrolled.

1.1.0 Apr 8, 2014 (previous)
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