* Produces a single-page album, with the objects in each of the project folders shown in a separate section on that page.
* Designed for an album that shows, for example, images from Day 1 of the trip, Day 2 of the trip, and so on, each in its own group, but all on one index page.
* Also useful for an "album of albums" in which albums may be grouped: for example, links to travel albums in one section, links to family albums in another.
* Choice of theme image style - fixed height banner, parallax, full page, or none.
* Thumbnails can be shown in a fully justified layout or as fixed shape images.
* JPG's, PNG's, GIF's, MP4's, web locations, and audio clips.
* Google fonts, WOFF files, and an information page.


Responsive layoutTheme image supportTouch interface supportSupports foldersPlays video filesTransition effect(s)FreewarePlays audio files
Jan 14, 2020
Last updated
Oct 5, 2022

Commercial use is only allowed if you have a jAlbum Pro license.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.


50.0.0 Oct 5, 2022 (current)

* Google fonts are now copied to the album, so there are no calls to Google from the album page. The pages load faster, and it avoids GDPR problems.
* More robust handling of unusual file names for user-added title bar logo and info page images.
* More efficient caching of user-added files (i.e., those that are not album objects).
* Code cleanup.
* Updated version of jQuery.
* Converted from BeanShell to Groovy scripting.

49.0.0 Aug 29, 2022 (previous)
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