* Fully responsive albums with only slide images and videos, shown in an endless loop, with a choice of several image transition types.
* Option for a timed, automated slideshow.
* JPG's, PNG's, GIF's, and MP4's.
* Background music, audio clips, Google fonts, and WOFF files.
* Suitable for use in a responsive iframe on another site.


Transition effect(s)Touch interface supportPlays video filesTheme image supportHas slideshowFreewareBackground musicPlays audio filesResponsive layout
Feb 6, 2022
Last updated
Jun 20, 2022

Commercial use is only allowed if you have a jAlbum Pro license.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.


8.0.0 Jun 20, 2022 (current)

* Multiple coding changes to prevent cross-skin contamination by a careless skin developer. Among other things, all of the CSS attributes have been renamed. When you load an older project, the skin will update any custom code you have included.
* More thorough cleanup of unneeded output files from earlier versions or from experiments with my other skins.
* Other code cleanup and CSS tweaks.

7.0.0 May 27, 2022 (previous)
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