3.8.4 Dec 8, 2021 (current)

Version 3.8.4

- Skin UI loading

Version 3.8.3

- Video thumbnails might not show the play icon overlay

Version 3.8.2

- The search button is aligned left instead of right, if no top menu used

Version 3.8.1

Further optimized UI layout for smaller screens

Version 3.8.0

- When "Click beside to go back tpo index" is OFF, clicking beside the image, it will trigger the previous / next action

- Vertical tabs in the UI might flow into two columns

3.7.2 Nov 11, 2021 (previous)
2.14.5 Mar 24, 2021 (previous main version)
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Tiger skin is the successor of the popular Turtle skin, featuring a responsive layout and inherited numerous features from Photoblogger skin too.

IMPORTANT! Please read this:

Version 3

- If you upgrade, preferably test it on a new, small album to see it works
- Back up your important album(s) before applying the new version. Use "File -> Duplicate project"
- Note, some settings are not imported to the new version, because they work differently.
- Make sure you refresh the browser in the Preview (F12) with Ctrl-F5 to get rid of the traces of the old version.
- Always test the local version with "Preferences / Use jAlbum's embedded server", and using "External browser".
- Upload the album only if the local preview looks and works fine
- Finally, if you can't get along with the new version you can always go back to the latest by clicking the "Latest stable major version" link on the left. You can revert to the old settings in the Image directory (Ctrl-Shift-I) by renaming the "-old" settings file as "jalbum-settings.jap".

Switching from Turtle:
Please note, as Tiger is based on a different language than Turtle, the function calls have changed too. Therefore custom pages might carry old code from Turtle skin, which might trigger errors.
Install this tool: to fix the old custom pages after switching from Turtle to Tiger skin!

FreewareSearch within albumPlays audio filesTheme image supportDisplays mapjAlbum widget supportTouch interface supportSupports foldersDisplays EXIF/IPTC dataResponsive layoutPlays video filesBackground musicUses JavascriptTransition effect(s)Has slideshowWeb page supportIntegrated shopping cart
Jun 23, 2017
Last updated
Dec 8, 2021

Commercial use is only allowed if you have a jAlbum Pro license.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.

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