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You can also install the skin by unzipping this file into the skin folder.

Min. jAlbum version

Tiger skin is the successor of the popular Turtle skin, featuring responsive layout and inherited numerous features from Photoblogger skin too.

IMPORTANT! Please read this:

Local preview:
Testing the Local album (Preview) does not work in some browsers with the default settings. This is because Tiger is based on a database (JSON format) to which the access from local HTML files is limited, due to security reasons. jAlbum's built-in browser works, however. If you want to test in Chrome please read this sticky:

Switching from Turtle:
Please note, as Tiger is based on a different language than Turtle, the function calls has changed too. Custom pages therefore might carry old code from Turtle skin, which causes errors.
Install the tool from here: to fix the old HTT files - if you had one - after importing a Turtle album into Tiger!

Plays video filesUses JavascriptBackground musicjAlbum widget supportResponsive layoutHas slideshowTouch interface supportSupports foldersDisplays EXIF/IPTC dataIntegrated shopping cartDisplays mapTransition effect(s)Plays audio filesSearch within albumWeb page support
Jun 23, 2017
Last updated
Jan 18, 2018

Commercial use is only allowed if you have a jAlbum Pro license.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.


1.8.0 Jan 18, 2018 (current)

- Added presets to all "Caption template" boxes

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Frank Maltzahn

Frank Maltzahn 2 months ago

Hi Laca, good news ... New: - Advent calendar custom page (or any calendar with surprise photos that can be opened day-by-day) ... but ... How can I use it?

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar 2 months ago

Method A. Create a new album and add at least 24 photos. Right-click -> New page -> Advent calendar.htt, Double-click to set start date and duration. Mase album. Method B. Open an album made previously and add the custom as above mentioned.

Frank Maltzahn

Frank Maltzahn 2 months ago

Thank you for your quick answer : -)

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar 2 months ago

IMPORTANT! Please use the forum (link above) for tech support questions!


rbressler 3 months ago

I switched from Turtle to Tiger by completely rebuilding my album with almost 60,000 hiking pictures. When I go to the single image in the lightbox, the older pictures display the filename in the lower left corner. Those pictures taken in the last two years do not display the filename. Any thoughts about how to correct this?

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar 2 months ago

Check your "Tiger / Lightbox / Info panel / Caption template" box. The default template contains "<h5>${fileLabel}</h5>" which displays the file name in case the file title is missing, so use that.


pereiraphoto 3 months ago

Hi Laca, In Tiger, if I link to first image like you said, the original thumbnail page still comes up. Any way to put a button to not show thumbnail page like in Turtle?

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar 2 months ago

No such option exists yet. Later I might add a similar option to Tiger too.


hapeche 3 months ago

"save picture as" and "send picture" does not work with the EDGE browser: Not the specific picture will be saved or sent. The picture of the "logo" is saved or sent instead. AND: With the right-click on the picture the next picture appears. And using the "share" button (bottom right on the screen with the picture) not the link of the specific picture but the link of the album is placed into the mail. All this it an bug with EDGE only, not with Chrome or Firefox.


hapeche 3 months ago

you can test this with my album here: