1.8.0 Oct 15, 2020 (current)

- Option to ask user if the cart could be emptied after it has been sent to PayPal
- Metadata can be directly used in templates, format: ${meta.fieldName}, re. fieldName: right-click -> List metadata

- Broken thumbnails on feedback form (on top level)
- Odd formatting on PayPal and Feedback cart items' path
- Extra "PayPal" button might appear after the cart has emptied or sent

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Story skin is a single page skin in which you can mix various content types; smaller and larger photos with text. You can even add custom sections of text or just any content.

By default the skin decides whether an image is displayed as thumbnail, wide image or full width based on its aspect ratio (use the crop tool!), however you can manually select it too in "Edit mode -> Image data -> Treat image as" box.

This skin is unique also because you can mix images, folders and custom content in any order.

Touch interface supportUses JavascriptResponsive layoutBackground musicPlays audio filesSearch within albumWeb page supportSupports foldersPlays video filesjAlbum widget supportDisplays mapHas slideshowPrint orderingDisplays EXIF/IPTC dataIntegrated shopping cartTransition effect(s)Theme image support
Apr 22, 2020
Last updated
Oct 15, 2020

Commercial use is only allowed if you have a jAlbum Pro license.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.

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