Story skin is a single-page skin in which you can mix various content types; smaller and larger images and videos with text. You can add custom text or any (HTML) content as custom pages.

By default, the skin decides whether an image is displayed as a thumbnail, a wide image, or a full-width banner, based on their aspect ratios, however, you can also set this behavior manually with the "Edit mode -> Image data -> Treat image as..." box.


Print orderingPlays audio filesBackground musicResponsive layoutFreewareDisplays mapTouch interface supportjAlbum widget supportWeb page supportTransition effect(s)Has slideshowPlays video filesSearch within albumDisplays EXIF/IPTC dataSupports foldersIntegrated shopping cartTheme image support
Apr 22, 2020
Last updated
Jan 27, 2023

Commercial use is only allowed if you have a jAlbum Pro license.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.


3.2.1 Jan 27, 2023 (current)

- Thumbnails with longer captions in justified thumbnail layout might not have even heights
- Page title might grow too wide on large displays

Version 3.2.0

- Plain dark, Plain white, and Soft styles

- All the styles got reworked using less harsh colors and better thumbnail layouts
- The Max hero height is replaced by Hero height, which can grow bigger if the content requires
- Default headline font has changed to "Barlow Condensed"
- Default headline overlay has changed to linear gradient: blue to magenta
- The continue button does not bounce if the hero is not at least 85% tall
- Masonry layout horizontally centers the thumbnails again in narrower rows

- Duplicated Title and Comment on custom pages: both in the Hero and the page content
- "Show thumbnail caption only on mouse over" cannot be disabled
- The footer's background color is taken from the Hero background overlay color even if it was set to not use colors
- Lightbox caption of the previous picture might reappear after toggling captions
- A tooltip might linger on from the index page after entering the lightbox
- A video placed after a folder might be not treated as a video
- When accent color is not used for the button bar, the buttons might get invisible

- French and Dutch translations

Version 3.1.0

- New thumbnail layout: "Justified", which is similar to "Masonry", but this layout always justifies the thumbnail blocks to the column width, by using Javascript

- The lightbox image does not go behind the caption if "Fit between" is selected
- Simple title colors if no hero background image is used
- Hero section might be as small as 30% of the screen height

- On mobiles when the page is pinch-zoomed, previous/next navigation happens on panning
- Left aligned thumbnails in Grid or Masonry mode, when "No limit" is selected as "Max. page width"
- Videos cannot be started or are hard to start with the central play button on iOS devices
- The instant preview does not reflect when no background is selected for the Hero section

- French, Dutch, and Hungarian translations

3.2.0 Jan 26, 2023 (previous)
2.24.2 Oct 31, 2022 (previous main version)
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