This skin produces beautiful and clean html photo galleries that runs on most devices and screens. It is free of charge to use and there are no strings attached.

It has four styles: coal, silver, emerald and ruby that adds a subtle color setting to the image gallery that fits a wide selection of moods and photo albums.

Basic features
- Zoomed in square image thumbnails
- Multilevel support for folders
- Runs on Computers, Tablets, Smartphones and more
- Keyboard navigation - use the arrow keys to navigate between images
- "Next-three-images"-navigation presentation for faster image browsing



May 20, 2008
Last updated
Apr 10, 2012

Commercial use is allowed, but a jAlbum Pro license is needed.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.


4.0.0 Apr 10, 2012 (current)

Brand new version of Spartan includes:
- Revised design of all four styles: coal, silver, emerald and ruby
- Updated Jalbum syntax to support later versions of Jalbum
- bugfix: pressing the up key now scrolls up and not stepping back in browser history.

3.0.0 Aug 12, 2009 (previous)
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