Create your own Website !

One album = One website

* Automated menu (about 3 folder levels)
* Adaptable contact-form (In the settings)
* Provide hyperlinks to other websites

* JQery gallery ( unobtrusive java )
* Slideshow with HighSlide JS ( Optional )
* Watermark
* Zoom (Tumbnails)
* New images highlight
* Simply insert Banner
* RSS feed of complete album
synchronized with wordpress ( FeedWordPress + jquery-lightbox )

* The HTML and CSS codes are valid W3C
* Languages: en, de, fr, nl
* Many different styles for professional websites (siteli shop)


Use sub-folders to organize your content. The folders are displayed on the website as a side menu. Consider any subfolders such as a page. A page may contain images or text only. Larger text you write better in a text program and then move into the comment field of the folder in jalbum ( copy and paste ). Note the settings !

The HighSlide JS effect is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. Licensing is free for non-commercial use, but a license must be purchased for commercial use at


jAlbum widget supportMulti-language albumsSupports foldersFreeware
Apr 3, 2008
Last updated
Apr 9, 2013



3.2.0 Apr 9, 2013 (current)

- video support
- small errors corrected

3.1.2 Mar 7, 2013 (previous)
2.4 Jan 27, 2010 (previous main version)
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